OTP wants to introduce you to the best rental equipment in Ohiopyle State Park.

Ohiopyle Trading Post is committed to maintaining the highest quality self-baling inflatables in Ohiopyle.

We rent everything from Thrillseekers, Shredders and 4-6 man rafts for the experienced river runner. We provide you with a helmet, life jacket (PFD) and paddle, in addition to a safety orientation. On weekends all Lower Yough Rentals must obtain a DCNR launch permit before launching on the river. You will purchase the launch time the day of your rental. Please call us at 724-329-1450 in advance to reserve your equipment to ensure we have the equipment you need.

Ohiopyle Whitewater Raft Rental

Equipment Orientation


Duckie The high performance Ferraris of the whitewater world, these inflatable Kayaks connect you to the contours of the water and require riders to lean into waves and hydraulics.


Raft Everything is better with friends and family. Renting one of our rafts is a great way to see the Lower or Middle Yough in the best boats in Ohiopyle. Brand new self-bailing blue boats with foot stirrups allow you to dig into the waves.


Shredder Extremely light, two-person pontoon style crafts that sit high on the water, giving a great view of upcoming river features. Shredders are all about working together to steer these fast, stable dragsters. A favorite among river runners and trout fishermen.


Our entire fleet is new, blue, and self-bailing.

Prices do not include 6% sales tax.

Middle Yough: $2.00 Park Fee.

Shuttle for Middle Yough: $15.00 per raft, double or shredder or $7.50 per ducky.

1 Person Thrillseeker
(per boat)



Weekends & Holidays:


2 Person Thrillseeker or Shredder
(per boat)



Weekends & Holidays:


4-6 Person Raft*
(per person) * based on a minimum of four people per raft.



Weekends & Holidays:



Checkin in at 9:00 or 11:00 AM.

Meeting at 11:00 or 1:00 in Ramcat

Prices do not include $2.00 park fee and 6% sales tax.

Rental Cutoffs:
Lower: 4ft rafts and shredders, 3ft duckies
Middle: 6ft rafts and shredders, 4 ft duckies

($15 upgrade for duckies)



Weekends & Holidays:


What to Expect

  • Lower Yough:

    Ohiopyle State Park regulates river traffic on the Lower Yough. You must have a launch permit on weekends and holidays. You will secure this permit on the day of your trip. When you arrive in Ohiopyle, you can check in with us at our outfitter store then head to the Lower Launch Area at the Ohiopyle State Park Office to purchase your launch permits and shuttle tokens. The combination of the launch permit and shuttle token is $10 per person.

    The day of the trip, arrive at least one hour early to set up your shuttle to the take-out to bring yourselves and all of our equipment back to town at the end of your day. To do this, rental customers must drop a car off at Old Mitchell Parking Lot prior to launching on the river. Customers can either bring two cars (one to leave at Old Mitchell and one to bring the drivers back to town) or try to hitch a ride back with someone else who is dropping a car off.

    On weekdays, launch permits and shuttle tokens are not needed. You will run your own shuttle down in to Bruner Run Take-out. Park in the top tier of parking at the take-out; the bottom tier is for guided outfitters only.

    After your shuttle is set, we can set you up with your equipment, give you a talk up as to how to use that equipment, and send you to the launch area. At the launch area, you check in with the state park. They will have you watch a short safety video and you can then launch when they give you the go ahead.

    At the end of your day, at Bruner Run Take Out, you will carry your boats and equipment to the second tier of parking and deflate the boats. Roll the boats up and load them and all of your gear onto the shuttle bus (weekends) or your vehicle (weekdays). The shuttle will take you up the hill to Old Mitchell Parking Lot. You will then load everything into your own vehicle and bring it back to us.

    Groups of unaccompanied minors must take a Fully Guided tour. We suggest first time rafters take a Fully Guided tour. A 6% sales tax applies.

  • Middle Yough:

    The Middle Youghiogheny is not considered a whitewater trip. It is an excellent way to spend a day on the river, but is not deemed true whitewater.

    We have check in’s available at 8:00 AM, 10:00 AM and 12:00 PM. Reservations are highly recommended so we have the equipment and space available. The shuttle leaves no later than twenty past the hour. You should be launching on the river an hour after check-in time.

    We will drive you to the Ramcat launch area where you will be given a safety briefing on how to use the equipment, plus little hints about the river, and most importantly, where the exit point of the river is. After the safety briefing, you are free to launch.

    The Middle Yough is a 9 mile float trip. Expect to spend 3-5 hours on the water. Time will be determined by how quickly you move downstream.

    At the end of the day, we ask that you bring your boat to the top of the small hill, then walk our PFDs back to our outfitter store, 2 blocks across town from the exit point of the river.

    There is a $15 per boat shuttle fee for boats holding 2 or more people, $7.50 shuttle fee for single duckies and a $2 park fee per person for Middle Yough rentals, not included in the price of the boat rental. A 6% sales tax applies.

  • Pedal - Paddle:

    A full day of biking and boating for all ages. Bicycle 9 miles upstream to the Ramcat Launch area, then exchange your bikes for boats to float and paddle your way back to Ohiopyle on the Middle Yough.

    We have check-ins available at 9:00 AM or 11:00 AM. We will meet you to exchange your bikes for boats at 11:00 AM or 1:00 PM. Pack a lunch and our staff will bring your cooler to the Ramcat Launch area.

    We typically allow for a 90 minute bike ride and plan on spending 3-5 hours on the water, depending on how quickly you paddle downstream.

    This is a great way to experience both the Great Allegheny Passage and the Youghiogheny River in one day.

  • What should I bring?

    Clothes for the river (swimsuit or nylon shorts and synthetic t-shirt, avoid cotton). For colder days, we have wetsuits available for rent.
    Make sure you have shoes that are somehow attached to your foot. Sport sandals with a heel strap, old tennis shoes or generic water shoes will work. No flip-flops or Crocs.
    There is no lunch provided for any rental but our boats will hold a small to medium sized cooler. Most people pack a picnic-lunch to take with them down the river. Make sure there are plenty of beverages for all participants and absolutely NO ALCOHOL is permitted on the Yough.
    Dry clothes and towel for after the river (Leave these in your car).
    Sunglasses, sunscreen, glasses strap.
    All drivers know where to meet the rest of the group and where to check in? All rentals check in at our outfitter store at 4 Negley St. Ohiopyle, PA 15470
    Parental permission slips are signed by parent or legal guardian for those under 18 not accompanied by parents. Bring forms along-DO NOT EMAIL.
    The trip time is clear to everyone. Be dressed and ready. We cannot hold the trip for latecomers. If you get lost, call our number and we will do our best to help. No refunds for missed trips!
    River running has inherent dangers. Everyone must sign a liability release form, (minors MUST have release signed by parent or legal guardian).
    Ready to have fun?

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