Kayak Lessons for All Skill Levels

Learn one of the most amazing outdoor sports on the Yough.

The Youghiogheny River is a favorite among kayakers. With sections ranging from Class I to Class V it offers something for every level of boater. It is also one of the few rivers that has consistent water levels all year long. If you are a complete novice, but think that whitewater kayaking may offer you the extra adrenaline rush you have been looking for, or if you are (or were) an experienced kayaker and need to hone in your skills, we have a kayak lesson that is right for you.

Kayak Mini Clinics

Our mini-clinics are 2 hour lessons designed as a quick crash course into whitewater kayaking, or a quick refresher for those with previous skills. Check-in times of 9:00 AM or 1:00 PM are available. Please phone us at least one week in advance to make reservations. Mini-clinics are offered Monday-Friday only.


Ohiopyle Trading Post Kayak Lessons Beginner


Beginner intro-clinics will start on flatwater, typically at Yough Lake. There we will introduce you to whitewater boats and paddle techniques and spend two hours working on paddle strokes and moving the boat in a positive direction.

Ohiopyle Trading Post Kayak Lessons Intermediate


Intermediate Mini-Clinics take place on a Class II section of the Middle Yough. We will go over reading whitewater, eddy turns, and begin to introduce the eskimo roll.

Ohiopyle Trading Post Kayak Lessons Advanced


Advanced kayakers will spend two hours on the Loop. We will enforce proper whitewater technique and hone the skills necessary for advanced whitewater boaters such as boofing, surfing, and attaining.


Prices do not include 6% PA Sales tax and $5.00 Park Fee.

All Skill Levels $75.00

Full Day Kayak Lessons

Full day kayak lessons takes place on either the Middle Yough or Lower Yough (depending on your skill level).

Full day kayak lessons will check in at our main outfitter store at 4 Negley St. in Ohiopyle. Full day lessons check-in at 9:00 AM. Plan on spending all day on the water with a lunch break half way through the lesson. All full day lessons include all necessary paddling gear, lunch and shuttle. Typically, full day lessons will wrap up between 3:00 and 4:00 PM. Kayak lessons are only available Monday through Friday. Please book all full day lessons one week in advance of your desired lesson date.

Beginner lessons will typically start at Yough lake where the water is warmer. The first step to any whitewater experience is the wet exit (safely exiting the kayak while upside down). After that, our instructor will go over proper paddle strokes and bracing. These techniques are easy to learn on flat water where there is less distraction. After lunch, we will go to either the outflow or Z-rapids where the paddlers can take the skills learned on flat water and implement them in Class II moving water. The instructors will also go over how to read whitewater, and what techniques should be used in different situations. If the participants still have energy, we will begin the process of learning the eskimo roll.

Intermediate and Advanced lessons will start at either Z Rapid or on the Loop. Our instructors will work on furthering basic whitewater skills and cover more advanced techniques such as eddying out, ferrying, surfing, boofing, and rolling. After lunch, the participants can expect to do an entire run down the Lower Yough, using the skills covered during the morning session on the multiple class III and IV rapids that the Lower has to offer.

Ohiopyle Trading Post Kayak Lessons


Prices do not include 6% PA Sales tax and $5.00 Park Fee.

1 Person:


2-5 People (Per Person):


Group of 6: