• What section of river should I be on?

    The Lower Youghiohgeny is the perfect beginner section of whitewater. It is not real difficult, not real easy. Minimum recommended age is 12 but we will take children down to 10 years of age as long as they are booked Fully Guided. Learn more about the Lower Yough.

    The Middle Youghiogheny is not really deemed a true whitewater stretch. It is a great way to get out on the water for the day, but an adult would not consider it true whitewater. Mosts guest choose to rent equipment and go on their on. Learn more about the Middle Yough.

    The Upper Youghiogheny is the Class V advanced stretch. It is a world-renowned section of river. Previous rafting experience is recommended but being in decent physical condition is a prerequisite. You do not need to be an ironman, but there is a 5 mile stretch with 20 class IV/V rapids where the rafter will be doing a lot paddling. Being able to pull your weight is a must. Learn more about the Upper Yough.

  • Fully Guided, Guide Escorted or Rental?

    Fully Guided puts a guide in the boat with you. You are still paddling and participating but our guides steer the boat through the rapids. Fully Guided is the recommended way to go for first timers on the Lower Yough, or for large groups of children with not so many chaperones on the Middle. The Upper Yough is all Fully Guided.

    Guide Escorted means you are in charge of captaining your own boat, our guides drive the trip. The guides will pull you in above and below all major rapids, brief you on how to run the rapids, then set safety for you in the rapids. Guide Escorted is meant for those that have Class III experience, or those looking for more of team-building experience.

    Going as a rental, you are renting the equipment and going on your own. Most folks chose to do a rental on the Middle Yough. Those that chose to rent on the Lower Yough have numerous runs on the Lower and do not need a guided tour. Learn more about rentals.

  • Are reservations necessary?

    Reservations are highly recommended so we have the equipment, space, and guides available for your trip. You can call 724-329-1450 or book online.

  • How far in advance do I need to make reservations?

    It is recommended that you place your reservations at least 2 weeks in advance of your desired date. If you are planning on coming on a weekend in July or August, you will want to make your reservations at least a month in advance. You can call 724-329-1450 or book online.

  • How long will the trip take?

    Regardless of the section of river, you will be on the water in the ballpark of 3 1/2 to 4 1/2 hours. Total time, from check-in until you return to your vehicle is about 6 hours. Obviously these trip times are approximate, with different factors such as water levels, size of trip, etc ultimately determining your trip time for the day.

  • Is lunch provided?

    We are not providing lunches at this time. Light snacks are provided on the Guide Escorted Tours only. Our boats will hold a small to medium sized cooler. If you chose to rent and go on your own, most guests chose to pack a picnic style lunch to take with them. Absolutely no alcohols is permitted in the State Park.

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