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  • What should I bring?


    Extra set of glasses for drivers?

    Nylon or old shorts, no jeans or sweat pants.

    Water shoes, sandals, old tennis shoes.

    Dry clothes and towel for after the river (Leave these in your car).

    Reservations are complete, everyone has paid?

    Sunglasses, sunscreen, glasses strap.

    Camping or lodging reservations have been made and confirmed?

    All drivers know where to meet the rest of the group and where to check in?

    Parental permission slips are signed by parent or legal guardian for those under 18 not accompanied by parents. Bring forms along-DO NOT EMAIL.

    The trip time is clear to everyone. Be dressed and ready. Allow an extra 20 minutes if you intend to rent wet suits. We cannot hold the trip for latecomers. If you get lost, call our number and we will do our best to help. No refunds for missed trips!

    Rental raft customers should bring water and snacks for their river trip packed in zip locks.

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  • What is provided?

    (Helmet) Our guides will issue a helmet and show you how to adjust it for your head.

    (PFD's) Personal Floatation Devices also known as life jackets will be issued and demonstrated for personal fit and performance.

    (RPD's) Raft Propulsion Devices also known as a paddles will be issued at the Put In when you get off the bus. These will be yours for the duration of the day to keep you in the boat and also propel you and others down the river.

    (Raft) On Guided and Guided Escorted Trips each person will be in a blue raft which you will get introduced to at the Put In. When you are at the Put In your trip leader will demonstrate the best way to sit in the raft and give you directions on how best to paddle while in the raft. They will also go over information about the days events and a general orientation to rafting on the Youghiogheny.

    (Shuttle from the Booth to the Put In) Shuttle will be provided by means of Van or Bus depending on the size of the group. Everyone on the trip will board either of these vehicles and take a five minute ride from our Booth Facility to the Put In (actual area where you leave land and go on the river).

    (Shuttle from the end of the river trip back to your car at the Booth) Shuttle will be provided by means of Van or Bus depending on the size of the group from the end of the river back to our Booth Facility which usually takes about twenty minutes. This is a remote stretch of wilderness and you can just set back, view, relax and enjoy the stories and jokes of the river guides. It's also a great time to take a nap for some who may have paddled harder than others.
  • Optonal Equipment rentals

    $ 5.00 Paddle Top Only

    $ 8.00 Foam Jacket Only

    $ 10.00 Farmer John Only

    $ 12.00 Farmer John and Paddle Top

    $ 16.00Farmer John and Foam Jacket
  • River Maps

  • Downloadable Waivers