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    Rafting on the lower yough

Guide escorted tours // lower yough

You and your friends or family guide and paddle your own boat and we show you the way on continuous Class III whitewater.

Guide Escorted trips are exciting for experienced rafters and athletic folks with a gung-ho attitude. This is where you captain the raft but we drive the trip. We pull the trip over above every major rapid and give you a briefing. While the briefing is occurring we are setting up safety at strategic locations in each rapid to give assistance if needed. We guide you through the rapid with hand signals and safety kayakers.  Remember, a guide is not in your raft. You are the captain and crew. This is a popular option for thrill seekers and more experienced rafters.

Our expert guides are in rafts and kayaks to escort your trip. If someone in your raft has an out of boat experience, it is necessary to pull those people back into your raft. Our river staff also position themselves in the rapids if you need more assistance. Our seasoned guides give you instruction in boat handling and offer verbal plans on navigating the best line through each major rapid. Your ability to run the best line is up to you and your crew.

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guide escorted tours // lower yough


Trip rates per person do not include $4.00 per person Park Fee - Applicable on all guided trips. Group rates start at 10 people. Call for details. Scouts get a 10% discount!

Saturday & Holidays




Monday & Friday




There is a $10.00 additional charge to upgrade to a ducky. Limitations on times and space.

Trip check-in times: 
8:30 AM | 10:30 AM | 12:30 PM | 2:30 PM*

*2:30 PM Trip time is for unique groups with unique situations, these are not daily trips.

What to Expect

  • General info and requirements:

    Minimum Age 12
    Walk-Ins are welcome if we have space.
    Book early to ensure desired date.
    Bring sunscreen, eyeglass retaining straps, wear swimsuits and shorts.
    Let us know about allergies or medical conditions.
    We cannot be responsible for personal items like cameras or wallets. (We sell waterproof cameras).
    River running has inherent dangers and risks. You will be required to assume risk, and to sign a waiver of liability release form.
  • What should I bring?

    Extra set of glasses for drivers?
    Nylon or old shorts, no jeans or sweat pants.
    Water shoes, strap on sandals, old tennis shoes.
    Dry clothes and towel for after the river (Leave these in your car).
    Reservations are complete, everyone has paid?
    Sunglasses, sunscreen, glasses strap.
    Camping or lodging reservations have been made and confirmed?
    All drivers know where to meet the rest of the group and where to check in?
    Parental permission slips are signed by parent or legal guardian for those under 18 not accompanied by parents. Bring forms along-DO NOT EMAIL.
    The trip time is clear to everyone. Be dressed and ready. Allow an extra 20 minutes if you intend to rent wet suits. We cannot hold the trip for latecomers. If you get lost, call our number and we will do our best to help. No refunds for missed trips!
    River running has inherent dangers. Everyone must sign a liability release form, (minors must have release signed by parent or legal guardian).
    Ready to have fun?
  • What will my day be like?

    The trip takes 3-5 hours (depending on water levels). A deli-style lunch will be provided. Please let us know ahead of time if you have special dietary needs. We recommend that if you are a beginner rafter, under 18, or timid, that you take this fully guided trip. Even experienced rafters appreciate a guide's skill and boat handling abilities. If you need more of a thrill after this you should check out the Upper Yough.
  • Who are my guides?

    Our Guide Staff members are whitewater athletes. We employ and train some of the best staff the industry has to offer. Our dedication to safety is paramount. Ohiopyle Trading Post staff members are highly trained in swiftwater rescue, rope skills, first aid, CPR, river etiquette, kayaking, rafting and team work. Although styled runs through the rapids hitting every wave is our goal, "Out of Boat Experiences" do occur. That is when you get to see our rescue skills in action.
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Meet our Guides

  • Anika


    Raft Guide
  • Chaz


    Upper Yough Guide, Safety Boater
  • Chad


    Tripleader, Upper Yough Guide, Raft Guide
  • Chris


    Upper Yough Guide, Safety Boater
  • Clint


    Raft Guide
  • Collin


    Raft Guide, Safety Boater, Upper Yough Guide, Trip Leader
  • Dan


    Raft Guide
  • Devon


    Safety Boater, Video Boater, Upper Yough Guide, Raft Guide, Trip Leader
  • Ellyn


    Trip leader, Raft Guide, Upper Yough Guide
  • Herbie


    Upper Yough Guide, Raft Guide, Trip Leader
  • Jamie


    Safety Boater, Video Boater, Upper Yough Guide, Raft Guide, Trip Leader
  • Jason


    Raft Guide, Upper Yough Guide
  • Jeremiah


    Raft Guide, Trip Leader, Upper Yough Guide
  • Justin


    Raft Guide, Trip Leader, Upper Yough Guide
  • Marlena


    Raft Guide
  • Mike


    Upper Yough Guide, Raft Guide Trip Leader
  • Nicole


    Raft Guide
  • Stevie-Ray


    Trip Leader, Upper Yough Guide, Safety Boater